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          Flange piece
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          Flanged What does it mean?

          Flanged What does it mean?
          Flange is a link pieces used to connect the valves and piping, that is, valves and pipe connections when connecting through the bolt connection, so the valve face with a 2 N is a uniform flange bolt hole .

          1, flange: flange is the flange of the transliteration, meaning something with a flange, spare parts, such parts can be separate, that is, flange, it can be combined type, such as the tube at one end or both ends with a flange, flange on top of a few through-hole for mounting screws, some bearing outer ring with a flange, the flange may have holes, it may not perforated and used only for locating ribs.

          2, flange-style: valves and piping or equipment connected with the flange connection, commonly known as the connection of flange type.

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